• Hey there, ho there, Hybrid!

    Fact.  Over four million new books were published in 2022.  They were self-published, commercially published and hybrid published.  What’s that you ask?  Hybrid publishing is where an author pays a publishing company a set amount of money to publish their book. In exchange for the fees they pay, authors get higher royalties than they would with a traditional publishing…

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  • ORANGUTAN     

    (From 2015) So there I am the other day, sitting on a stationary bike at “Rehab United” trying, slowly, with great pain and no success, to get my surgically repaired knee to go 360 degrees around on the bike pedal, all the while watching young athletes and trainers and the seriously in shape,  dip and…

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  • The Cover

    A review on Amazon of my new novel, Attachment Patterns, starts like this – “This book is all that it says it is, well-written, emotionally charged, and a really good read” – and ends like this – “However, the cover is an absolute insult. My suggestion to the author would be to do your book…

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  • The Youngsters (something not so serious)

                                 A mistake was made.  Yes.  The lovely wife had errands to run before supper and left the youngsters at home alone.   Normally the “youngsters” are to be trusted.  They play, they sleep, they investigate.   This day was different.  They were in the kitchen. Dude, what is that up there on the counter? I do…

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  • On Blockage

    Writer’s Block:  A condition in which a writer is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. It should be so simple.  I don’t know if it’s age, the anxieties, stress and uncertainties of the current times, but lately it feels as if I have lost my ability to create.  It’s never…

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  • On HOPE

    I wrote this about fifteen years ago and have posted it once before. I’m posting it again because the idea that we be there for one another, that we provide hope, seems even more timely these days. It is one of the themes of the new novel, Attachment Patterns. * As I’ve gotten older I’ve had a…

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    Promotion.  Look it up.  “An activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim.”  Or more to the point – “the publicization of a product so as to increase sales or public awareness”.  In this case, the product is a book.  My latest novel, Attachment Patterns, is being…

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