• On Attachment Patterns

    My new novel, Attachment Patterns (pre-order now available on Amazon), is loosely based on what you might call a “life adventure” that took place some seven years ago.  I was doing work with a therapist at the time, exploring and trying to gain insight into some of the issues that consistently confound me and I…

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  • Christmas Words

    From the stage play, MR. AND MRS. KLAUS Santa Claus enters. KRIS KRINGLE is in full regalia – not the chubby Santa of coke commercials but rather a regal and kingly Father Christmas, a winter warrior in long cape and brocaded vest and crown-like cap. KRIS: Well? What do you think? MARTHA: You are so…

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  • Poem Hunter

    As is often the case (and I’m good at it), I have done something wrong headed, blind and/or stupid.  Probably all four.  That I have unsuspectingly done this makes no difference.  I am dealing with the consequences. What have I done, you ask?   I have inadvertently and unknowingly gotten myself on an internet mailing  list. …

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    As a writer, I have never been overly concerned with reviews. I remember my first play, Vikings, opening at the Manhattan Theatre Club in1981 in what was certainly a less than stellar production and the critic for the New York Times, Frank Rich, pretty much tearing both me and the theatre a new asshole for…

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  • On (Re)Writing Pretty Woman

    To this day, people often ask me why my name doesn’t appear in the credits of the film, Pretty Woman, on which I did a lot of work.   It’s a long story and it’s a short story.  The long one first, at least as I remember it. In the late eighties, Touchstone Picture acquired the…

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  • Notes on a Son

    When my son was sixteen years old, he did the Shark Fest Swim.  Alcatraz to the wharves of San Francisco.  One and half miles in cold, turbulent, shark infested water.  I shivered and quaked at the thought.  A year later, he and his high school swim mates did The Catalina Relay.  Twenty odd miles from…

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  • Blocked

    Writer’s Block:  A condition in which a writer is either unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. It should be so simple.  I don’t know if it’s age, the anxieties, and uncertainties of the current times, but I have lost my ability to create.  It’s never happened before.  In a forty-odd career…

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