• The “B” Word

    9/19/23 Okay, guess what?  You’ll never guess in a  million years and so I’ll tell you.  Sit on his ass at a desk me recently went to — wait for it — call it the “B” word — a baseball game.  Yes!  And not just any game.  Major League Baseball, baby!  San Diego Padres.  Petco…

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    I should have known there was something off when I fell asleep at the beginning of the second act.   Granted I’d been up at six getting kids to school and walking dogs and yes, one of my problems with the theatre these days is it’s pretty much past my bedtime and yes, I’d had a…

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    (written in 2016) To all my fellow artists, friends and cohorts. You have no idea what you’ve been missing.  I… wait for it… went to the rodeo last night.   It was my son’s idea.  Some friends from his job were going and he wanted to go too.  I wasn’t sure.  My son has high functioning…

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    Let’s not talk about writing.   Let’s talk about the fact that making a living as an actor can really take it out of you.  The highs, the lows, the uncertainty, the rejections.  I’m thinking of two friends. 

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  • On Work

    Fact.  In my late sixties, I’ve recently concluded that I’ve never worked a day in my entire life.   I’ve certainly had employment.  In my so-called “youth”, I bartended, bused tables and taught tennis and squash but though it paid the rent, did it count as work?  No, not really.  Busing and bartending seemed like a…

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  • Oblivious

    One thing about getting older is, if you’re being honest with yourself, you have to admit you don’t have an overwhelming desire to be young again.  This is not to say you wouldn’t mind the energy and idealism of youth, it’s just to say there’s a growing feeling of “thank goodness I don’t have to…

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    It was Henry David Thoreau who wrote that The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. I am not a fan of Henry David Thoreau. Walden was a total bore. Just my desperate opinion.

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