Stephen Metcalfe is a playwright, screenwriter, and novelist.

His writing career began in the New York Theatre where his plays Vikings, Strange Snow, Half a Lifetime, The Incredibly Famous Willy Rivers and Sorrows and Sons were done  at The Manhattan Theatre Club, The WPA and The Vineyard Theatre respectively.  In 1985, Mr. Metcalfe’s play, Emily, premiered at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego where it was named best play of the year by the San Diego Critics Association.  Other plays include Loves and Hours, White Man Dancing, The Tragedy of the Commons, A World of Their Own and La Jolla.  All of his plays have been done regionally and internationally and they continue to be performed to this day. 

Stephen’s produced  screenplays include  Half a Lifetime for HBO,  Jacknife (which starred Robert De Niro and Ed Harris), Cousins, for Paramount Pictures, (directed by Joel Schumacher,) and Roommates for Interscope Pictures (directed by Peter Yates).  In 2003 Stephen wrote and directed Beautiful Joe featuring Sharon Stone and Billy Connelly (a movie unto itself).   Stephen’s produced production drafts include the romantic comedy, Pretty WomanArachnophobiaIt Could Happen to You, Mr. Holland’s Opus and Dangerous Minds.   Over the years he has worked for every major studio in Hollywood.  

He is an Associate Artist at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego and has taught playwriting and screenwriting at University of California San Diego, San Diego State University and The University of San Diego.

Stephen Metcalfe is the author of the novels,  The Tragic Age (recipient of a Kirkus Review Award) and The Practical Navigator; both published by St. Martins’ Press.   His new novel,  Attachment Patterns, will be released by Austin-Macauley Publishers.

You can pre-order the new novel on Amazon.

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